10 things no one ever tells you about parenting

It was only 13 months after I got married that my first child arrived. I was young and I was open to any advice anybody had to give me. But no matter how much advice I got, nothing could have every prepared me for what parenthood was really like. Here are 10 things no one ever told you about parenthood.

1. You have a power struggle every single day

I regularly have these fights with my five year old: “Yes, you really do have to put your pajamas on.” “No, you can’t have leftover pie for breakfast.” “Because I said sois a good enough reason, now do it.” I never thought my competency and authority could be so thoroughly criticized.
2. You thought you saw gross stuff before..

Growing up on a farm, I did a bit of veterinary work on animals. But even that didn’t prepare me for having children. I’m not talking about just wiping boogers. If that’s all I have to do, that’s a good day. I never saw so much bodily fluid and smelled such raunchy stenches before I became a parent. And it’s all up close, too.

3. You never knew you could love so much

Having kids is like walking around with your heart on your sleeve. You live life through your child’s eyes. You feel their excitement and their pain. And you want to make their lives as good as you can.

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