I Can’t Be Seen Wearing Bum Shorts – Dakore Akande

Popular Nollywood actress, Dakore Akande has
revealed why she won’t be caught wearing bum
shorts again and also ditches on the most
outrageous thing she did.
She told Punch,

“I can’t be seen wearing bum shorts. I am not a fan of that.
I just don’t like it. I used to wear shorts when I was
younger but when I got older, I stopped. There are times you
wear something and you wouldn’t like the attention you get.
I had to stop. I am very lady-like in the way I dress.” “I have
my own way of being outrageous. I can be outrageous in the
characters I play in a movie. But as for me, the most
outrageous thing I did was to have dreadlocks. It was
outstanding. People asked me if I was okay. We were vilified
back then,” Dakore revealed.

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