Van Vicker Replies Genevieve Nnaji’s Insult

this latest interview with Nigerian Tribune’s Joan Bajojo Omionawele, Ghanaian actor Van Vicker Also talked took his time toaddress an insult he got from Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji
Who are your best Nigerian actors and actresses?

(Laughs) You are not going to put me on the spot with that. I have enjoyed working with all my colleagues.

There was a time Genevieve said you weren’t a good actor. How did you react to that?

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  1. That’s my guy V.V. i trust u i hope that very day will come soon for her to know who u really are. If only she said that. .

  2. you’re too sensible ma guy. allow the media fool themselves if it’s a damn lazy blog work and if not Genevieve has got to be apologetic finito.

  3. well you did reply to her so called insult like you said in a very matured way I love that . keep it up

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