Mercy Johnson Finally Speaks On Tonto Dikeh Calling Her…

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Nollywood A-list actress Mercy Johnson Okojie, one of the most loved in the entire industry, recalls when controversial actress Tonto Dikeh called her and her fans bastard.

You all know that Tonto Dikeh never liked Mercy Johnson for any reason,because she has never for once said anything good about her,she cant even hide the fact that she don’t like her.

After the birth of her daughter(purity) in US, mercy came back to Nigeria 4 month later to continue with her acting career but her fellow actress Tonto Dikeh found a fault in that and went on to call her all sorts of names while also claiming are husband pushed her immediately into acting because they were broke.

In this latest interview,when mercy Johnson was asked how she felt about Tonto Dikeh calling her and her fans bastard? below is what she said…..

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  1. My dear you are indeed a good woman! May God be with you and ur family my dear… You shall 4eva be on top! Don’t mind dat useless Tonto dikeh who sold her pride just to be an actress in d movie industry! Na jealousy dey worry her; coz u’r more dan her! U r d best actress so far my dear! Keep it up!

  2. Your husband found a good thing when he found you indeed. A great woman in our eyes and in God’s. I have never been a fan of Nigerian movies but as from now, I become your fan .

  3. Mercy big ups you are such a mature lady move on mere words will never downfall you.self confidence is the best outfit rock it out…

  4. You know what, because all call tonto dike controversial that’s the reason why she acts this way but believe me deep inside she’s in fear but just coz she got the cash now that’s why she yaps. don’t get me wrong I fuckn love tonto duke en stupidly love mercy Johnson. they are the the reasons I’ll glue on tv to watch Nigerian movies plus patience ozokor. but my love for patience en mercy is over powered more than that of tonto. so she should fuckn shut up once she’s talking of mercy. that’s Damn. she’s just getting a big head coz of what the media writes about her. mmmhhhm I hear controversial. I love you too though.

  5. Her entire life is a lesson to me so she just added another lesson Mercy which is humility and maturity.Jealousy na poor

  6. Waooow quite interesting, did some read that reply. That’s a woman and a lady speaking!!!!!!!???????? that’s to tell you what and all she can give and teach her children. Let’s learn from that think before you speak!!!! Happy new year

  7. No 1der she just want 2get married even@menopause…. #badbelle#stupidsmoker wit a bad attitude….wit all ur fairness,she still beat u one million times.witch eyes…mtcheew

  8. That’s why we love & support you dear! Because you are a lady & half. God fights for those who surrender to him in any challenge or battle!

    Love you stax!!!

  9. Mercy you are my best actress! I love your personality and principals! This shows that you are such a good actress! You did a good thing! Forever your Zambian Number 1 fan!

  10. Keep it up mercy nothing will get you down,take care of your family don’t mind very let her talt. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND AM YOUR FAN.

  11. Its only a fully well matured God fearing woman that will react the way you have reacted.let me Tell u swtat(Mercy)
    that,that alone has made her realise how shameful and foolish
    she is in fact tonto is a disgrace to womanhood.keep it MERCY,we will n always be behide u.mwaaaaah

  12. May God bless and continue to keep you and your family, you are just too much to a fault, simply the best!

  13. Tonto dikeh is an idiot, why can’t she mind her business, she should behave mature, it a mater of jealously, Tonto dikeh am ashamed of you, idoit

  14. Mercy u are my queen, leave that fool, animal she is a disgrace, love u mercy Johnson your enemy will die before u, love u curves, she is ants

  15. Mercy you will 4eva be remembered i hv learnt a lot 4rm your response not only hv you made that righful speech, but you have also sowed some seeds of understanding to Tonto God bless you and your entire family am your fun and i love you so much.

  16. madam mercy, never mind side talks. bcos, jealousy is dreadful deases. it kills faster than Ebola, U R Already On Top Please Maintain It. Its Ur Pride

  17. Wow!!!! You are a Godly woman keep it up u have really impressed me that’s why I always love watching ur movies

  18. The fact remains that both of them are good i love mercy and toto dike too i don’t judge anybody and i dont takes sides cos i was not there when it happens

  19. Hmmmmm, Mature woman dat is y am lovin u everyday don’t mind d idiot tonto is a small girl to u. May God continue to bless u and ur families. stay bless love uuuuuuu!!!!

  20. never mind marcy, words never killed any one en donot benefit for ones hatret, let one hate bt not u looking for haters en be confident lyf is too short.

  21. Wat is wrong with ds husband snatcher! Bcos she finally succeeded in ruining som1s marriage & taking her place! Doesn’t mean she now has mouth to talk to any1 d way she want!!! She is reaping where she didn’t sou! Who d hell is tontoma? Is beta to b ugly & hav good conduct dan to b beautiful & have a bad attitude… Pls som1 shud help tell her dat, dat her husband will go back to his wife!!!

  22. may God let ur ernemies liv long,so dat dey see wht he hs for u & put dem to shame.God bless u mercy i love 1000tyms

  23. U re my luv n will remain, don’t mind dat fool dikeh,she has no job n she knows u re far better than her dat’s y.

  24. Love thank you for being whom you very proud of are unstoppable mercy,more of Gods blessings and wisdom to keep going.

  25. na wow mercy u still remain the best actress in the hole plannet so tonto fuck up smokar inresponsable girl just take a look at sheep beauty Africa nt creamx like u are just beast so fuck up

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