I’m Happily Single – Ini Edo

In a new interview withEncomium, The 32-year-old actress
talked about her love life, her Ex husband, her new home and
rumours of her being in a relationship again. Excerpts from the
interview below: You seem to have got your groove back after
you split with your former husband, Philip? “I have always had
my groove (laughs). But you know now, I’m a happy person all
the time. Life is too short to dwell on regrets and pains.”

All the talks about moving into a new house, driving posh automobiles…
“I don’t dwell on those things. I just want to keep doing better
films, doing good in my profession. I just want to keep growing”
The story is that you are in a fresh romance.

Are you back in
love now? “No, I’m not. I’m in love with myself. I’m a single girl,
very, very happily single.”

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  1. All is not about pride and proud all nigeria actress and actors all what are coming out of their mouth is always never founding the wright man or woman,I am asking is the wright men or women are they in heaven? while mr wright all the time ,when they mint have gotting little money in their bank acct men and women are noting to them, all these things are noting in the site of God all what God want is happy families….

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