I hid in a car boot the first time I met Genevieve Nnaji – Mercy Johnson

Mercy Johnson is as real it it’s gets. She doesn’t hide her
admiration for her peers especially Genevieve Nnaji. She
opened up to City people magazine on the first time they
Ahh! The first time I met her, my friend took me
there. When we got to where she was, I became
nervous. I told my friend “no let me hide in your
boot.” And I did. I got into her boot. (laughs) Can
you imagine I came to see her and when I got
there I wanted to run back. I jumped into my
friends boot. So, when she came out of the hotel,
I could not see her, I could only hear her voice.
The 2nd time I saw her was on set. When she
came down and I met her she said ahh! Mercy I
like your movies and I started crying. I was in
tears of joy. I said Aunty Genevieve, so you watch
my movies. She was sort of embarrassed. Before
I met her, she had already known that there was
somebody who was crazily insane about her. She
was really nice to me, receptive. And even
whenever we work together she will correct me
and say that thing you did, you could have done
it this way.

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  1. Same way I was crazy about Genevieve to d point of dreamin about her every nite I admire her so much till Mercy came n took over dat luv Cus not of dem have som similarity in acting I swear I love u Mercy n Gene to d fault.

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