Common Chrismas-time misconceptions

Drummer boys? Christmas donkey in the stable? If it is good and promotes the recognition of Jesus the Christ and the development of Christ-like attributes, it is welcome at Christmas

Christmas nostalgia isn’t what it used to be.

Christmas cards, TV and movies — even the nativity at the church on the corner contain beautifully re-told, well-crafted, sensitive depictions of a Christmas a long time ago that may have looked a whole lot different from what we think.

When was Christ born, for example? Popular concession says December 25th. Many children think of poor Mary, Joseph and a little donkey trudging through the snow. While donkeys tail flaps in the bitter wind — finely reaching the shelter of the walls of Bethlehem with the bright light of the Christmas star shining down on them like a police search light. (Snow in Bethlehem would be like snow in Los Angeles… so no snow. No search light either — which could fit in at Los Angeles.)

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