Actress Yvonne Nelson Wants You All To Know Why She Is Depressed

Popular Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson recently admitted in a chat she might be suffering from depression after clocking 30 years.

Despite her acting career soaring higher and higher, it seems, Ghanaian top actress, Yvonne Nelson could be suffering from depression.

She recently revealed in a chat that turning 30 may be a remarkable landmark for her as a woman but it is obviously getting her “depressed.

”In an interview on a special edition of Route919 on Live 91.9 FM, Yvonne disclosed that hitting the 30-year-old mark as a woman can be quite depressing.

“I’m blessed to be 30 years but I feel depressed. I actually called my mom and said oh my God I am 30 years. As a woman, it was depressing for me,” she said

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