9 things you should never say in a fight with your child

Getting into arguments with your kids is inevitable, but when things start to heat up, avoid these nine phrases like the plague.


Disagreements between you and your children are a fact of parenthood. When aging children begin asserting their independence, things can quickly turn for the worse when your “not-so-little ones” become blatantly disobedient and disrespectful.
When it comes to fighting with your kids, fight fair by avoiding these nine phrases at all costs:

1. Profanities

Profanities are a total no-no. Don’t fire back when your child hurls these at you. In the end, you are the adult and everything you do is teaching your child how to behave when he reaches adulthood. If you throw out profanities during a fight with your child, he’ll do the same to your grandkids.

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