Jim Iyke is Doing Business with Nicki Minaj (Photo)


It seems that famous Nollywood actor Jim Iyke is set to do business with American Hip-Hop star Nicki Minaj.

He shared a photo of him at the office premium fruit-based moscato beverage company called Myx Fusionsin New York.

Myx Fusions is owned by Nicki Minaj. In most of her music videos you can spot the drink.

In the picture he is in a meeting with the co-owner,Peter Reaske, and the board of the company.

Jim Iyke captioned the picture “Headquarters of MYX FUSION. The Art of Negotiation. CEO of MYX Fusion/MUSCATO Peter Reaske, Director of Finance John O’Keefe, Prince Okonkwo, Moi. #GodWins #2016TakeOver #Relentless #CyborgHustle #HarvPapa #NewYorkChronicles.”
Jim Iyke has several business ventures. He owns a water business company in Nigeria, and in September he announced that he is about to be in business with rapper 50 Cent over his Effen Vodka drink.

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