Get balance with home trick ! Ordinary foil will melt fat and clean your body of toxins!



You will get rid of the fat, cellulite, and stretch marks.
Wrapping in foil for household has become a popular cosmetic procedure, used for weight loss, detoxification of the body and improve the quality of skin.

There are different ways of wrapping in foil, and today we will bring you two most effective ways of wrapping in foil for weight loss, detoxification and the release of cellulite.

Wrap in foil with honey
Heat the honey in a small bowl and add one egg yolk and a few drops of citrus essential oils (lemon, orange or jojoba oil).

Apply this mixture on the problem areas of the body (legs, abdomen, thigh) and tightly wrap in the foil for household.

Wear warm clothes, lie down and cover up with a blanket. After half an hour, remove the foil and take ashower.

Wrap in foil with clay

Anti-cellulite wrap with clay is the best way of combustion of fatty deposits. It is best to use blue clay because it contains a large number of trace elements that are beneficial to the skin. Dilute blue clay with water and apply the mixture on the problem areas. Wear warm clothes and leave for an hour.

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