Surgeons Successfully Reattach Toddler’s Head To His Neck During Six-Hour Procedure

With science and technology evolving at what seems to be a faster pace than ever before, we’re treated to more and more medical breakthroughs that wouldn’t have even been imagined a few years ago. One recent story involves a 16 month-old child named Jackson Taylor, whose head was internally decapitated during a high-speed car accident last month.

An internal decapitation means that the head remained attached, but separated completely from his vertebrae. In a six-hour procedure, surgeons were able to reattach his head to his neck using wire and a bone graft from his ribs.

Jackson is healing well, and must spend the next eight weeks in a stabilizing halo (pictured) so that his bones can form and strengthen. Not only are we thrilled that Jackson in on the track to a full recovery, but also that surgeons completed this amazing feat, meaning that it can be studied and replicated in future cases.

Source: mymarriageisbeautiful

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