Shocking Secrets Every Guy Hides from His Girlfriend


I’m not good at keeping secrets. I’m used to oversharing. But in the arena of love, there are still a few things that most guys would prefer to keep Secret. But it’s not really that we’re hiding anything big about ourselves, we’re just hiding little details that may cause trouble or hurt your feelings.
That Does that make us liars.. I bet you have plenty of secrets too! And that’s probably okay, so long as it’s nothing major.
Below are the little things you’ll probably never hear come out of your boyfriend’s mouth:
1. We occasionally check out other women. Oh come on—don’t act surprised. I’m sure you don’t have blinders on. Even married women drool at the site of David Beckham’s tattooed torso. Can we all just accept the fact that there’s still something in our brains that lights up when we see a healthy specimen of the opposite sex? It’s innate, totally out of our hands, and more importantly, it doesn’t matter. Our attention span for another woman’s plunging neckline or short skirt is as short as Beckham’s briefs. We’re still far more interested in you.
Before things became serious, we stalked you on Facebook. Like, really stalked you. As in, we know what you wore to prom.
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