Missing Flight MH370: Plane ‘of skeletons’ found in jungle

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MALAYSIAN authorities are investigating claims that plane wreckage on an island in the Philippines could be from missing flight MH370.

A teenager hunting for birds in the jungle claims he stumbled on a fuselage “full of skeletons” and a Malaysian flag.

The teen lives on remote Sugbay island, in the far south of the Philippines.

His uncle Jamil Omar, who lives in neighbouring Borneo, reported the September sighting to police after he was told about it by his visiting aunt.

She said the teenager and his pals found “many skeletons” in the fuselage, some still wearing seatbelts, and more human bones nearby.

The airliner’s fate is still a mystery after 19 monthsEPA/Fazry Ismail

The boy took away a large piece of cloth that he wanted for a blanket, only to find out later it was the Malaysian flag.

Jamil, 46, said: “The residents on the island hunt birds for food and build their houses on the water.

“They don’t watch television and as such they have no knowledge of the outside world.”

Police in Sabah, in the Malaysian part of Borneo, confirmed they are investigating the sighting and have asked counterparts in the Philippine region of Tawi Tawi to investigate.

Baffled officials there said there had been no reports of missing or crashed aircraft.

Malaysia’s Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said yesterday: “There was no photograph to support the claim so we are relying on our counterparts to check.”

The alleged sighting has led to speculation it could be linked to the mystery of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, which vanished in March last year with 239 on board.

It was last seen on radar flying west from Kuala Lumpur – in the opposite direction from Sugbay – and satellite data suggest it may have gone down in the southern Indian Ocean 1,000 miles off Western Australia.

In July a wing flap found washed up on Renuion island near Madagascar was confirmed to be from the missing Boeing 777.

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