Hillarious Story: How I Failed My Exam Thanks To MTN


I had already made plans with one of my rommates to text the answers to my phone, But he’s a sedate kinda person.. i was having second thoughts, cos he’s to weak to carry out that kinda mission. So as i bounced into the exam hall, i had just one prayer in mind which is ‘God, please let me sit next a person that knows book’. God finally answered my prayer. The girl i sat with was an Albino, she wore those geeky eye glasses with rope, so i knew for sure that she knows book.

As the paper started, this girl started to misbehave.. She was just covering her answers. But me as a sharp guy, i was spying the answers from one deadly angle. When it remained just 5 minutes to submit, this girl caught me dubbing her and started shouting at me, but i just ignored her since i had almost copied everything, the next thing i heard was my phone’s message alert tune. I said in my head.. This guy finally sent the answer. i sighed and then told the invigilator to give me a fresh answer booklet. I then tore the one i dubbed from the albino girl and even threw the paper at her. I kept the fresh booklet on my table and ‘codedly’ opened the message. I saw “To download GBESE by Lil Kesh, text 48 to 4900 – from MTN” – :)


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