Don’t Ignore These 10 Mystery Pains!

You probably had a phantom pain now and then and thought “Let’s see if that’s going to be here tomorrow”. This is exactly why we need to learn not to ignore random pains. We experience them sometimes and they usually pass without consequences, but in this text we’ll show you 10 pains that you should never ignore.

The human body is like a machine – let’s compare it to a car. You’re driving on a highway and suddenly you hear strange squeaks and noises. You turn the radio down and try to hear it better. There’s nothing, not even for a while.

It passed. But, if you’re a mechanic you would probably be more concerned. Just like that, a body gives signals through random pains representing a probable problem that will grow bigger.

Of course, not every pain is a cause of panic. But some of these mystery pains are not to ignore, so if you find one that you’ve experienced in this text, visit your doctor – just to be sure. As with every illness – the sooner the better. Here are the symptoms.

1.Mysterious chest pains
Chest pain, although the main indicator of heart attack, is not the only warning. It might seem strange, but jaw pain is an indicator too. You really wouldn’t associate jaw pain with heart attack and you’ll probably dismiss it as usual random pain.

But a painful jaw means your heart is stressed, and a heart attack may be imminent.

Pains related to heart disease are not always focused on the chest. They can be present in the arms, shoulders, abdomen, jaw or throat. If you experience pain in the jaw or shoulders, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible.

1.Pain in the lower back
Our back is one of the busiest parts of the body, so pain in it is almost always dismissed as normal. But you should really learn the difference between muscle pain and something more serious. Kidney issues or kidney stones could produce pain in the back. It will resolve, but it can be painful. 

Infected kidneys and kidney tumors can make the pain be more persistent. You should really pay attention to all these signs.

1.Acute abdominal pain
If you’re feeling pain in the abdomen and you know it’s not from overeating or exercise, you should consider it. This is a complex region – with the lungs, kidneys and uterus located here, and they can make the stomach ache. One of the issues may be appendicitis, which requires intervention and surgery.

Gallbladder issues present itself in the upper right quadrant of the abdomen. This pain can be from pancreatitis, an inflamed pancreas. It needs to be treated quickly, or the tissues in the intestine will die and create life threatening issues 

1.Lower leg pain
As with back pain, leg pain can be attributed to physical activities. Let’s say you walked for a long time, so the pain is normal. But what if there’s no explanation?

The system of arteries and veins is important to the legs – the network moves blood from and to the heart. The veins that you see through the skin are superficial veins. They’re “satellites” to the deeper veins, and have tiny valves that stop blood from flowing where it shouldn’t. But if there’s a rupture, the blood coagulates and DVT – deep veins thrombosis appears. It is a condition which causes the legs to swell and is agonizing.

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