All women’s bre*sts are beautiful but what your bre*sts’ shape says about your personality



Every woman, even those with the most beautiful bre*st in the world, except this “gift” wants to be more specific on in something: intellect, education, and their character traits. Nowadays too much attention is paid to physical attributes, despite the progress that we say that we have accomplished as a civilization.

  1. You are refined intellectual

You have elegant and cheerful personality. You are reserved with the other people. You are thinking fast and you have a highly developed intellect-no puzzle is a challenge for you. Sometimes you are boring for the people around you with the themes you start, and normally have completely different views of the other people.

One of the most important things for you is the stillness and comfort. You want to be alone and not worrying for feelings. Most of the times you tend to stay storm and stable and you very good at hiding your emotions in front of the other people.

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