7 Ways to bring back the love in your relationship

7 Ways to bring back the love in your relationship


It’s very common for people in a long term relationship to feel that thesparkis lost. Eventually you stop doing the things that you used to do previously. Everything just becomes a sort of a routine. They’re not your priority any more. You can’t find as much time for them as you used to. It’s understandable that you’re at a point where you no longer need to go out of your way to prove your love to them, but that doesn’t mean you start to completely neglect each other.

Love is what brought you two together, and at the end of the day, it is the very same thing that’s going to keep you two together. So take out the time to bring back the spark. Here are a few things that could be potentially helpful:

Make love to get love back!
One of the simplest and most effective ways to reconnect with your partner is through sex. It is intimate and fulfilling in so many ways. It’s vital to a relationship. It builds a sense of security and trust. You could be reminded of your first time together, and what it felt like. The rush and anticipation might all come back to you. All you might have been holding in could find a way out.

Prioritise yourself
Love yourself, only then will you be capable of loving them and being loved. When you’re content, you’re more focused on other people and other things. If you aren’t giving yourself enough time, you’re constantly distracted and feel unfulfilled regardless of how your partner is treating you. You might be irritated even by their mere presence just because you’re not at peace with yourself. This could place them in a state of confusion. They might be doing everything right, yet you would react in an unexpected manner. Eventually they would stop trying and distance themselves from you.

Revisit the past
Old photos, movies, music and places you first met or had your first date and many such memories can serve the purpose really well. A walk down memory lane always helps. Not only the happy memories but even the ones about trying times remind you of how you’ve come a long way to where you are today. If it was worth it then, it’s worth it now as well. And there’s nothing you two can’t survive, as long as you’re in it together. Maybe do some of the things you did when you started going out and you’ll see the magic return in no time!

Flirt with them
It might sound silly but works like a charm. Flirting elevates your mood relieves the stress and eases things between the two of you. You’d find it to be refreshing and encouraging. Compliment them. And make them feel good about themselves.

Try something new
That trip you’ve been meaning to take but have been putting it off for some reason, or that club you’ve been hearing about, be it anything, just find something to do together. Something you’ve never tried before. Engage each other and you’d feel the communication getting better and the distance narrowing.

Prioritise them
Start doing things right. Don’t just assume that they’re always going to be by your side regardless of what you do and don’t do. If you want to keep them around, you’ll have to work for it. They shouldn’t have to be with you out of obligation, rather out of love. So make them feel loved. Show them what they mean to you. Make time for each other every single day. Tell them you love them and then prove it too.

Talk about it
If you’re feeling something missing in the relationship, you need to let your partner know. They might be noticing the same and even if they aren’t, they need to know. This would keep you from blaming your partner for being inconsiderate of your feelings. And the sooner it’s out in the open, the sooner you can fix it.

Relationships are fragile, no matter how long it has been. There’s always a chance of something going wrong. And the slightest mistake could damage what you’ve been working for all along. Even if you feel something missing, you can always bring it back.

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