2 Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Know

In its early stage, lung cancer has no noticeable symptoms. In nearly 40 percent of patients which had lung cancer, the diagnosis was made after the disease had progressed.

Even in one third of the patients the lung cancer was diagnosed at stage 3. In this text you will find out which are the early symptoms, how to recognize them and in what way early screening can help.

Part 2 of 12: Cough
Cough That Won’t Quit
Be careful if the cough lasts longer than usual. When you catch a cold or have a respiratory infection the cough will be gone after week or two.

On the other hand persistent cough which doesn’t stop can be a sign of lung cancer. So if you cough for a longer period of time, with mucus or without, don’t think it is just a cold but go and visit your doctor who will check your lungs and you may need to have x-rays or some other tests.

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