The Unexpected Causes of Dry Skin and What You Can Do About It


There are many simple homemade remedies that can treat dry skin.

Dry skin or xeroderma is a condition that can impact almost everyone.

But there is nothing to worry about because the skin is capable to heal by itself.

But the healing can be disturbed by the weather and the environment, so you may need to take some actions to protect and treat dry skin.

There are few causes for dry skin, and all of them arise from the problem of moisture withholding. Dry skin usually occurs in the areas with cold, dry winters. Even the indoor humidity slumps with the drop in temperature.

When you are constantly exposed to dry air, it is very possible that your skin will lose moisture. In order to avoid dry indoor air, you can use humidifier in your house. With moisture air around you, your skin will retain more moisture.

If you wash your hands with harsh soap you will dry your skin rapidly.

The soap is very important for keeping away any ailments, but it can strip the natural oils that maintain the moisture in your skin. With a simple change to a softer soap or body wash you will maintain the moisture in your skin.
It is proved that goat milk soap has the same pH level as human skin,

which makes it perfect for the people with sensitive and dry skin. If you have dry hands you should avoid water (except for regular hygiene), wear rubber gloves while washing your dishes or cleaning around the house.

Frequent bathing with too hot water can strip the skin from its natural oils. During the winter we don’t sweat frequently, so we can shower every other day with less soap, or have shorter showers with cooler water in order to avoid the occurrence of dried skin.

Wiping your body gently with a towel will be helpful to keep the proper moisture. You can repair the skin and ease the itchiness of the dry skin with cocoa butter, coconut oil and Shea butter.

There are other factors that cause dry skin which aren’t linked to humidity. Vitamin A deficiency has negative effect on the skin’s moisture because it is an antioxidant that keeps skin cells plump. In case your vitamin A levels are reduced, there could be a scaly complexion.

Normalize your vitamin A levels by consuming spinach, kale, carrots, potatoes and collard greens.

Proper hydration is crucial for prevention and treatment of dry skin. The skin absorbs the water from the body, which means if your body is lacking of water your skin will surely become drier.

Dry skin can be also caused if you have allergies or your skin is sensitive to chemicals included in soap, perfume, detergent and body sprays. If you don’t have positive results from the above mentioned advices, it might be a sign that you are allergic. Use cosmetics and products that don’t have unnatural colors or odors.

If you cannot solve your problem with dry skin, you should visit your dermatologist.

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